Saturday, September 27, 2008

County Fair

The Coweta County Fair is a pretty big deal around here, so I talked Carlos into taking the kids this afternoon. Today was the bovine competition, so were a LOT of cows, big belt buckles and boots! Funny, but I don't think we got one picture of a cow!

I pretty much think the kids were in heaven.

We asked Abby to pose for the picture and she decided to kiss the chick. Cute, and a little gross.

Charlie was delighted to find an egg in this chicken cage. While I had my head turned to take the picture he reached in and picked it up. OUPS!

The highlight of the fair was the nasty stinky petting zoo. Here are the kids feeding the rams.

This camel was VERY aggressive and bit Carlos's finger when trying to take the entire cup of food from his hand. Charlie, like with all things in his life, had no fear and stuck his entire hand in the camel's mouth.

And here is my "Oh so cautious" Abby.

I don't think I have ever seen a Kangaroo at a petting zoo.

Abby has this thing lately of naming things. Watch and witness.

And what fair experience would be complete without cotton candy? Don't worry, we all washed our hands SEVERAL times, and used germ juice (anti-bacterial) as backup!

What a fun day!

I love him already!

On Thursday September 26th my brother and sister-in-law had their first child. Congratulations Rob and Mel! At 8lbs, 9oz and a day overdue I have no idea how Mel did it.

Rob and Mel NEVER discussed their short list of baby names. Secretly we were all afraid they had some horrific name selected that they did not want to get flack about from the peanut gallery. Who knew the secrecy was for the big surprise! I am pleased to welcome Thomas Jaden Glade to the family! The name is especially special because he is named after my own sweet dad, Thomas Glade.

Don't you think he is just perfect?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grandpa Tom

We were very very lucky to have a quick visit from Grandpa Tom this week. He was in Atlanta for meetings, and extended his trip to visit us. We all had a great time with him, and Abby was heart broken when we dropped him off at the airport.

Abby was super impressed that Grandpa sat down in the middle of the driveway to do chalk art with her.

Grandpa did "dad art" on the left, and Abby's self portrait is on the right.

We decided to take the kids to the aquarium. He is a brave man to go anywhere in public with these two! He was so fun and patient that we all had a great time. Grandpa wanted Abby to see everything up close. She loved the attention, and especially loved her Grandpa Tom!

Thanks for a great visit dad. We miss you all ready!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day at the Park

All last week we were cooped up inside with our Abby. Sometime during her first week of school she picked up a stomach virus and strep throat. The child who stopped taking naps a year ago, did not get out of bed all day long. A few times I picked her up and moved her to the couch, but ended up napping the day away there. She was just the most pathetic thing you have ever seen!

We finally got the right medication on Friday, and by Monday she was really feeling better. Over breakfast on Labor Day Monday, Abby said to me, "Mom, let's get out the house and go somewhere today!" We were all ready for a fun outting! And what is more fun than the park?!

I love this series of action shots



I love her committment in this one!

He really is my little monkey!

"Dad this is kid stuff"

Just hangin out!

So. . . we are still working on getting rid of the passy! But what a handsome boy!

I have failed!

As I wrap up the second of two really challenging days with my children, I have the overwhelming feeling that I am failing as a parent. I am talking about public temper tantrums on such a grand of scale that I wanted to crawl under a rock and DIE! Charlie's was at Target and involved flinging of popcorn, and Abby's was at school this afternoon. Abby's was particularly mortifying because it was in front of her entire pre-school and their parents. D id I mention that I feel that I am failing as a parent? Sure sure they are clean, groomed and well fed a majority of the time. Where I get the big fat F is in discipline.

Before I had kids I would watch misbehaving children with a critical eye. I made mental notes of all the behaviors my own children would never display. And since I didn't enter motherhood until I was almost 30, I had compiled a lengthy list! What I did not take in account was the personalities with which my children would come hard wired. They are NOTHING like me! They are not motivated, nor intimidated by the same things. I whole heartedly say they both take after their father, which is not a bad thing. . . just one I don't always understand!

Today while I was discussing my woes with Carlos, I found myself saying that I just want to love the kids and not have to be ugly with them. It wasn't until the words came out of my mouth that I realized what I was saying. So unfortunately for the Gonzalez children, mom is turning over a new leaf!

Any good advise you have to share about disciplining headstrong children, pass it along please. :) Are there any books out there that have helped you?

I am sure you have a hard time imaging either of these two cuties misbehaving!