Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elianna's Blessing Day

It's been so long since I have updated my blog, it's a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start playing catch-up.

If you missed the big announcement, Elianna Lynn Gonzalez joined our family on September 28th (several days later than expected!) Big sister LOVES her, and big brother is finding new and exciting way to demand his fare share of attention!

This past Sunday we blessed little Ellianna, and as it happened to turn out her Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Tom were in town. As by shear coincidence my Aunt Carol and Uncle Gary were visiting cousins Kat and Jenn from Oregan. So we had quite the family gathering! It was really a fun day!!

The whole crew.

The Glades and Gonzalezs

All the Gonzalezs

And our little family, who isn't so little anymore!