Saturday, May 17, 2008


There are so many little things that occur during my daily activities that I think would make fun blog entries. As I go about my tasks I mentally write entries, and I might add very clever and funny ones at that!!!

Here is a taste of what you are missing:

Dutiful due to the Dentist!
You all would have really loved the one about my kids first trip the the pediatric dentist. And since that time how they are obsessed with brushing their teeth!

Stage Fright

The one I composed about Abby's stage fright at her end of the year program was priceless! During the practices leading up the program her teacher told me she was really into it, and was the "loud child." But when performance night came along it was a different story!

For those of you that have followed the story during the school year, Ryan is the boy on her left. Also notice how much smaller she is then the other kids in her class!

She was very serious during the entire program. She did everything she was instructed, but did not once crack a smile.

We Crashed the Class Party!
The entry about Abby's end of the year school party was only so-so but I had good pictures as filler.

This is Abby's bestest friend Autumn. They were pals at school since day one. We have a theory that it is because they were the only little girls in the class with brown hair!

This is Abby's sweet teach Miss Marcia. WE LOVE HER!

Flowerpot Fiasco!
But, I would have totally redeemed myself with the blog about making our end of the year flower pots. The gist of that one was what a colossal bad idea it was to paint on the back deck with a 3-year old, a 18 months old and the dog. Really I have to question my sanity from time to time!

I am so sad that I didn't get a picture of the dog with blue paint all over her head (thanks to Charlie!)

The end result was pretty cute if I say so myself!

So really I have not neglected my blog at all recently due to all my mental entries. I have just forgotten to transfer them over to the blog! I have named this disorder: I-Intended-T0-Blog-About-It-itis. Bad for the blog, but not fatal. I fear the only treatment is to find a few more hours in the day. So I fear this condition is chronic!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lucky Me!

I have had the greatest day!

I got to sleep in til 8:15am because Carlos got up with the kids. When I did get my lazy buns out of bed I was treated to a waffle breakfast. YUM YUM! Abby made me this masterpiece at school. Look closely and you can see the art it made from Abby's palm, finger and thumb prints. I love that she is old enough to make me art presents!

It only gets better from here!

Then my dear friend and old roommate Shona and her husband Brant arrived on my doorstep (OK, I knew they were coming.)

We spent most of the day together and just sitting around and visiting. Funny enough Carlos and Brant know each other from their missions. What a small world? It was so fun to just see them, and talk about what they are doing these days up in Portland. Although our lives have taken such different paths, fundamentally we are doing the very same things; working, running after two kids and just doing our best to be good people! Shona, if you ever read this. . . please please please come back soon! Love your guts!

This evening we went to Mamita's house for dinner. I don't think I have posted much about my in-laws, but let me just say they are the most easy-going people EVER. LOVE THEM. It was so nice to sit back and relax and have the kid run crazy around us. Charlie escaped the day without any major injuries, but we did find him playing in the litter box for Mamita's cat. YUCK!!!!

Mother's Day was a true delight, and now I am exhausted! Off to bed for me! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Crayola

To Whom it May Concern,

I recently purchased your Tadoodles from the Beginnings for toddlers product line because of your claims that they are "mess free."

I beg to differ with that statement!

Concerned Consumer!