Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


I know I am a little behind the times, but I need to document our camping trip last weekend. We went to Cheaha Alabama for the long Labor Day weekend. We had a great weekend with our friends the Hills, Thompsons and Johnsons.

The Thompsons were sweet enough to take Abby with them on their paddle boat ride.

The lake was a bit cold, but Charlie was bound and determined to get in.

We climbed the fire watch tower so we could officially say we visited the highest point in the state of Alabama.

We thought it was a great idea to take a family photo at this scenic overlook, but after 3 days of camping I am not sure it was such a stellar idea.

My Carloses

The kids called this the rock slide. They thought it was fun to climb up and slide down on their toushies. Even more fun after it rainend. At one point I said to Carlos that the kids were in "kid heaven" because they were able to run around wild with other kids. Carlos told me he was in adult heaven because he did not have to enterain the kids.

Wendy and Julie were so on top of things they even brought all sorts of arts and crafts for the kids to work on. . . Abby loved it!

Here is the Gonzalez site. We had a WONDERFUL time, and look forward to our next camping trip.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almost made it

Abby was sent to her room to, "think about what she had done." When we went to check on her about 25 minutes later we found her like this. So close to making it into bed. . . so close!