Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cliff's Notes

I sat down with the intent to catch up everyone up on the last month. Then I realized it was too overwhelming, so here is the Cliff's Notes version.

We got a contract on our house and moved. It was a total pain, but all in all it was one of our best moves yet. We were more organized, we had GREAT help, and I really felt the love from our ward and our friends during the process.

We are currently living in our "Summer Cottage." It is cute and clean. The owner of the house bought it as a forclosure with the intent to flip quickly. His timing could not have been worse, and he has been trying to off-load it for 18 months. Everything inside it is new, and we are the first renters in it. . . perfect situation for us!!!!

I had a birthday. It was a great day. My husband and kids spoiled me, and my friend even took the kids off our hands for several hours so Carlos and I could go to dinner.

Since most of our free time has been consumed with all things moving, we have not done many fun things with the kids recently. We decided it was time for some good old clean family fun. Last night we went and got the kids some fishing poles. This morning Carlos took the kids out to dig for worms.

And then we headed out to the lake for a little fishing.

My favorite part of this picture is Charlie's hands. You can just see the excitement in those little expressive hands.

We all had a great time, and I sure we will be doing it again really soon!