Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of School

Tuesday was Abby's first day of preschool. It's not like she is gone all day everyday, for pete's sake she is only two and a half! She goes from 9-12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her daddy told her when the leaves fell off the trees she could go to school (Carlos totally forgot we start school in mid-August here in Georgia.) So all summer long whenever she would see a stray leaf fall, she would ask if she could go to school now.

I think we both did pretty well with our separation anxiety and got through the day alright.

Excited for her first day of school with her big girl backpack. It's nearly as big as she is, but is has princesses on it, so we had to have it!

I tried really hard to get a picture of her in front of Cornerstone Methodist Pre-K. Anyone who knows Abby knows how compliant she can be. This is the best one I was able to snap.

By the time I picked her up from school she was so tired I barely got her into the house. She almost ate lunch and immediately went down for a nice long afternoon nap!

Here are a few cute ones just because!

Abby helping daddy with yard work while wearing mommy's hat. Too cute!

Now that Charlie is crawling he is finding himself in all sorts of predicaments! This time he got caught in the middle of the coffee table under the glass. He just couldn't figure out what his head was hitting.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great article

My friend Matt sent this article last week. It took three different attempts to finish it, but well worth the effort!

I have not been able to stop thinking about what brilliant moments I am not recognizing around me. How my kids are growing right before my eyes, but because of one thing or another I am missing out! How I seem to tune everything out except for what is right in front of my face.

Washington Post article

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Long time

For some reason I assumed that since it was so easy to post a blog entry I would be blogging more often than I was updating the website. Silly me! The difficultly is not putting the posts together. . . it is having a moment when one of the children is not crying for my attention! I have vowed that before lunch I will have completed this entry. . . here goes!

We are doing well. Last week we returned from our fun trip to Utah for Katie's wedding. We were able to sneak a few family fun activities in also. We even fit in some mountain time (BIG rock's according to Abby!)

The wedding went really well, and we are happy to welcome Elliot in to the family. The best part of the trip is that the kids were pretty good. They slept well, therefore they were not totally cranky. I am learning as a mother that is KEY to any trip!

(How appropriate that her halo is crooked!)

The wedding must have made a big impact on Abby. She has been putting on her most beautiful necklaces and earring, and asks me, "Mom am I beautiful like Aunt Katie." Yesterday she stepped it up a notch by putting on a white dress with all her jewels and then said, "Mom I am getting married in the temple." I asked to whom and her reply is "On Wednesday I am getting married in the temple." So I guess today is the big day. I will let you know how it goes!

Mayhem is erupting behind me, so I best go save Charile from whatever form of torture Abby is inflicting on him!