Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flu Fest 2009

My sisters , mom and I planned a fun all girls week. Everyone was going to fly in from California, Utah and Kansas, and the plan was to sit around and gab, play with each others kids, eat good food and catch up. My dad even found a way to sneak away for the weekend. The flu had another idea. The day that everyone arrived in town Charlie came down with the flu. Then the nasty bug visited every one of my house guests. Wow I know how to throw a great party! :(

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The rare moments everyone was feeling well we had a great time.


Once again, I am SO SORRY! Miss y'all! Next time let's get together in the summer. :)

Jumping Jelly Beans

Once a week a group of friends and their little ones get together at Jumping Jelly Beans for a big play date.

My kids love it, and I think I enjoy the adult conversation even more. To make it even more fun, we got the little girls in the playgroup matching shirts. Fun huh?

The morning of this play date Abby insisted on wearing her crown. I just did not have it in me to battle it out with her over a hair accessory, so she spent the day as a princess. Isn't it fitting?

Ahhh, bestest friends!