Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a sweet tribute

Funny to use the word sweet with Glenn Beck, but I really loved the way he was able to share his feelings about our dear prophet with a mainstream audience. Vanessa, thanks for finding this!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Home Evening

I seem to be about a week behind in my updates. Last Monday night I had my 2 cousins and their families over for FHE. The more amazing thing is that I have 2 first cousins in my same county! It was such a fun moment with our kids together I had to snap a picture.

My Cuz Jen taught a lesson on diversity, and accepting everyone no matter their differences (especially perfect because it was MLK day!) Hope this is the first of many to come!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Really. . . it snowed here!

Last weekend we had a REAL snowfall here in Georgia. Abby remembered the snow we had in Kansas over holidays. When she saw the snow here she asked me, "mom is it Christmas?" I LOVE HER!

Of course we had to build a snowman. If you know Abby you know she does not like to smile for pictures. Here is a classic Abby face!

Here is the smile I got out of her after I bribed her with cotton candy!

Library Time

Abby officially graduated from Lap Time at the library (because she is now 3 years old.) We have gone together for play, stories and crafts for the past year. It was a wonderful (free) mommy daughter activity. We will miss it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is what I am looking at RIGHT NOW!

And I don't even regret it because I had 5 whole minutes of beautiful silence!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"So, you're like the janitor around here"

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Really, there is nothing noteworthy happening.

Yesterday it was once again our turn to clean the church (funny it always feels like our turn!) There were a couple other activities going on in the building at the same time. A little girl from our ward who is about nine walked in to the restroom and said, "Hey Heather, what are you doing?" My reply, "Cleaning the bathroom. It's my family's turn to clean the church." She thought about it for a minute and said, "so, you're like the janitor around here." I am telling you this is true devotion to a religion! I let her know that someday it would be her family's turn. She quickly said, "Um, no I don't think we will do that!" When I told Carlos that story, he said he was going to make sure her family would be assigned next week!

Months ago I blogged about how Abby told me she was going to use the potty when she was older, well she is older now. When we returned from Wichita she decided to train herself. WHAT A WONDERFUL THING! Due to her need to get to the bathroom, we decided that it was time to get her a big girl bed. She loves it! And another benefit is that we don't need an alarm clock any more, she is our daily wake-up call. Every morning we find her at the edge of our bed telling us to wake up!

Here are some other random pictures. They say it's never too early to teach your children to work, but this might be pushing it!

This kid is so helpful. Some of his favorites things in the world are my vaccuum and this broom. Why oh why do I buy toys?

Monday night we had a BCS Championship football party at our house. Baby Noel's parents were there. And since Abby has fully embraced dress-up play, she insisted that Noel put on one of her finest gowns. Noel went along with the dress-up (she is only 13 months.) I thought is was so cute I had to get a few photos.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

There is no place like. . . Kansas!

We are back from the frozen state of Kansas. The day we arrived it snowed 11inches! I have to admit it was great fun to have a white Christmas, especially because we could stay at home and do NOTHING!

I told myself that I was going to take a ton of photos over the holiday; alas, I have failed you all! Here are the ones that I did manage to take.

Here are all the brothers playing doubles tennis on the Wii. So funny to watch them all play together. Thanks Elliot for sharing your game!

Auntie Becky playing with Charlie Bear. We suspect that Charlie would often confuse Becky for mommy. Poor kid is just not used to being around so many blondes!

Christmas morning was fun for all! Typical, Abby liked Charlie's rocking horse the best.

Once Abby discovered how cool her own gifts were, Charlie finally got some riding time.

Charlie found the apple in his stocking. He decided to test out his new teeth. When he was done it looked like a little mouse had gnawed on it.

All bundled up to play in the snow. Uncle Ammon was her snow buddy. They made their first snowmen together (Ammon is from California!) Once Ammon finished the first 7ft snowman Abby said to him, "He needs a friend." So sweet Uncle Ammon got to work making Frosty's friend that she named Monkey. Oh the workings of a three years old mind!

Daddy took her outside a few days later. This is a fun action shot of Abby throwing a snowball at Carlos.

Auntie Katie is tons of fun! Not only is she the maker of fun jewelry, but she is a great playmate!

OK, you just cannot tell how awesome this moment was by the picture.

Last night she put on her princess dress with princess high-heeled shoes. A crown, necklace and bracelet. If you look in her stroller there is not only her prince and princess dolls, but her wand. Each handle on the toy stroller has a purse. One has her favorite stuffed bear, and the other full of other treasures. She could not have been more "girl"! LOVE IT!

We hope your holidays were full of family, friends and great joy!