Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can't beat 'em. . . join 'em!

We have experienced what I like to call, "The meltdown of '07!" After re-booting our computer I not only lost all my old emails and email addresses, but the Program I used to created As much as I have loved trying to create my own website I think it it time to ditch it, and going the blogging world!
For some of you it has been a while since I have caught up with you. In the last several months we have had many loses, but also had some fun experiences. The loss of Grandma June took us to Utah. And Erin's passing took us to Houston. Each trip was memorable and I am glad we were able to go.
After two funerals in two weeks, we decided we needed a FUN TRIP. We packed up and headed South to Ft Lauderdale where we boarded the Majesty of the Sea. The family took a 5 night cruise. We had a great time, and ate too much food!
We are now home and finding our summer schedule. Our week pretty much includes a trip to Walmart, Target, the neighborhood pool, and our weekly outing to the Library. Five years ago this schedule would have sounded like such a drag, but I LOVE it. I love my boring little life in quiet little Newnan!
The only thing that can make my quiet existence better is visitors! Luckily we have Uncle Rob and Aunt Melanie here right now. They decided to pit-stop here on their move to Little Rock. Abby is having a wonderful time with Aunt Melanie, and Charlie seems to be attached to Rob's hip! Uncle Matt is arriving next week. And to top it off Auntie Cendy and Uncle Robb will be staying with us for the 4th of July! Anyone else want to visit?????? I am sure it has been too long since we were last together!