Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Sunday

Sundays are such a great day to catch up with friends and family. We are doing well here at the homestead. We have pretty much had a steady stream of visitors for three weeks. My kids have loved all the attention they have received from everyone.

Charlie has been skooting around in his walker for weeks now. Just this week he has figured out how to place one foot in front of another and go forward. Take a look at this video.

When Rob and Mel were in town Charlie got a hold of his first Red Vine. HE LOVED IT!

Rob and Auntie Mel made sugar cookies with Abby, winning them serious points!

When frosting the cookies Abby insisted on having white frosting. Uncle Rob also made the blue and neon green frosting.

One of these days I will get a normal picture of Abby smiling. Until then, these will do!

Look at how long the girl's hair is!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Give'em what they want!

Let's face it, people come to these things to see pictures. I say, give the people what they want! Here is a pictoral update of the family over the last several months.

This is Papa Carlos playing his favorite game with Charlie. This photos was taken of Charlie in March (I am a little back-logged!)

Abby discovered that while I am feeding Charlie there is all sorts of trouble to be had! This day she discovered my brand-new tube of lip-stick. Look, she even knows where it goes!

I've been told my kids look alike. I have to agree!

Here is my 31st Birthday celebration with my favorite Oreo ice cream cake.

The family cruise!!!

Formal night. I really wanted a nice family picture. . . but Abby would have nothing to do with it!!!!

Out at sea.

Abby actually took this one. I think she might have a career in photography.

I hope the humor is not lost on this one. We stopped by Hell Grand Cayman on our stop there.

Here we are at the Turtle farm.

Dressed up for dinner.

Charlie trying out his new walker.