Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

It's that time a year once again when parents world over rejoice at sending their children back to school! Although we have had a fun summer with beach vacations, pool time, arts and crafts and lots of play dates, I am eager to get back on a schedule!

Here is Abby this morning before we left.

Notice the cute new school shoes!

What a cutie pie!

After school with a few of her good school friends. From left to right: Emma, Autumn and Abby.

Looking back to last year, here is Abby on her first day of 2-year old preschool. Makes me a little sad she is growing so fast!

We love the Olympics

I have pretty much stopped watching TV (aside from the Disney Channel and PBS.) I am so sick of listening about our crappy economy, the war, the upcoming elections, and endless crime. The state of our nation pretty much depresses me!

UNTIL the Olympics started. I have been glued to the TV every night. Every time one of our athletes does well I have a swelling pride for the country that I have not felt in a while! Yea for the Olympics!

I have discovered that Abby enjoys watching the gymnastics (just like her mommy!) So I have been taping them and replaying it for her the next day. Take a look!

Elmo Slippers

Our Charlie has a thing about shoes. The other night he found Abby's Elmo slippers, and thought he hit the jack-pot! We got such a kick watching him run around in them, we had to take these videos!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's been a while

My blog was been rather neglected lately. I know the family is regularly checking for updated pictures of the kids, so here you go!

The other day I went outside to find my family huddled up around something.

The kids were very interested with something in daddy's hand!

After they lost the rolly-polly, they decided to take the bike for a spin around the driveway. Charlie jumped on for a ride.

I pretty much think they are the cutest (Carlos included!)