Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Holiday Report

I cannot believe how quickly we flew through the holidays this year! The Glades got together this Christmas, and in true Glade style it was complicated! Most of us flew into Wichita and spent several days at my parents house.

Here we all are at Scotch and Sirlion, which by the way has the best prime rib you will EVER eat!

My brother Rob and his family recently moved to Oklahoma City. Due to Rob's work schedule and lack of seniority, he was the lucky ENT on call the entire week of Christmas. It would not do to have Christmas without Rob, Mel and TJ. . . so we packed up the party and drove down to their house.

We have decided that the Glade's have magical powers! Christmas of 2007 it snowed 11 inches the day we all arrived. On Christmas Eve day Oklahoma City had 14 in of snow, which is the most snowfall in one day in recorded history! AND it was the first White Christmas since 1844. The city was so unprepared for the storm pretty much everything was shut down for DAYS! I cannot think of a nicer group to be stuck with!

Here is Rob and Mel's house on Christmas Morning.

My little Georgia babies could not wait to get out there to play. Notice Charlie signature "lean" that he does all the time these days. Funny kid!

California Hailey even had fun out in the snow.

Christmas morning was hectic and magical. The traditional Glade stockings were started by my Grandma Glade. As we have added family members Grandma Sandy has kept up the tradition and made similar ones.

Abby must have been a very good girl this year.

Charlie's last minute good behavior paid off! Notice the nervous dog hiding behind Carlos while Charlie had the controls of the remote controlled dinosaur.

Mel made these CUTE aprons for us, problem is that I don't want to get it dirty.

The 14inches of snow in an area that does not typically get snow resulted in 4 days of being stuck inside. Good thing the boys had Rock Band!

The casualty of the game was the drummer's chair. I really wished I had my camera out when Rob broke it. PRICELESS!

Look how excited we all are to finally be getting out of the house!

And finally I could not resist posting this picture. Charlie was sent to our room for time out, and when we went to check on him 5 minutes later we found him fast asleep (sticky face and all.) It is in these rare quiet moments I am reminded that he is a little angel.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I look forward to hearing from you in this new year, if only to check in on your blogs!