Friday, November 30, 2007

Charlie's new heights!

I've got a climber on my hands!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


As a child I always knew that before we ate our Thanksgiving feast we were going to be forced to share what we were thankful for. Since I am not going to be with my side of the family this year, I have been pondering this thought all morning. Although I feel like 2007 has been a big year of loss for me, loss is out-weighed by the things I am thankful for.

1. In the last year two of my sweet sisters have gotten married. The more I learn about my new brother-in-law Ammon, the more I love him. He is quirky (in a very funny way), smart, humble and most of all he treats my sister like a queen. Elliot is too nice to be true. Really, when you meet this guy you have to wonder if this guy is for real! HE IS! I have never met anyone as loving and giving as this guy. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

2. I have the two cutest kids EVER. This past year I have gotten to watch my Charlie grow and develop his sweet yet strong personality. His gummy smile can melt my heart in fractions of a second! And Abby, words cannot adequately explain my love for that little girl. She is so quick and so smart. She is such a fun balance of me and Carlos. She loves to learn and play hard, but can sit at the table and work on crafts and art projects for hours. I am so thankful to be Abby and Charlie's mom, and cannot wait to see the people they become!

3. Carlos and I celebrate our 5th anniversary next month. He has had to put up with a lot of ups and downs with me this year. He is kind and supportive, and sacrifices for my needs. Prime example is driving the entire family to Houston and back over 3 days so I could attend a best friends funeral. Not fun, but he knew I needed him and also needed to go. Such a kind man that I love with all my heart!

All and all I am so blessed to have so much to love and to be loved!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If Women Controlled the World

These made me laugh!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The big party!

Last night we had Charlie's birthday party cake and all. He loved the cake unlike his sister! He even loved unwrapping presents. I think the wrapping paper was too much fun.

After we opened gifts, I had to laugh at all the kids playing with them. Even 9 year old Jimmy was playing with Charlie's new baseball game. I think Abby loves Charlie's new toys as much as he does. At the end of the night Abby told me, "that was a fun day mom." Charlie was so tired he barely made it through his bath and went to bed without a peep.


Happy Birthday Charlie Bear

My little Carlos Andrew (aka: Charlie, Tripp or whatever you choose to call him!) was born a year ago today! I cannot believe how time has flown. Charlie, aside for his less than stellar sleeping habits, has been a great baby! I love that he is mine and a part of our family!

The first thing Abby did when she met Charlie is to "honk" his tiny nose. I love that first memory of the two of them together.

Abby has loved her brother from the beginning, and found ways to play along with him!

The whole family on Charlie's blessing day.

He is Latin for sure. . . he loves his beans and rice!

Uncle Rob introduced him to Red Vines!

My Charlie is a climber!!!!!

His first lolly pop from the bank. Abby was eating hers, so I decided it was mean to make him watch. He loved it so much he rubbed it in his hair, and them took his shoes and socks off and rubbed it on his toes. I only slightly regretted that decision.

This was taken yesterday while waiting for his cousins to arrive to celebrate his birthday. Be patient, birthday photos will be posted soon!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Part 2

Halloween was so huge this year that two posts are necessary to cover all the events.

After naps on Wednesday we decorated our pumpkins. Abby did not like how squishy the insides were!

Then my little artist really got involved with the design. We made a mad and a happy face.

Here is Snow White with the happy face. Of course she refused to smile and look at me at the same time!

I tried to get a nice photos of Abby and Charlie together, but of course Abby would not cooperate!

Isn't that the cutest bear you have ever seen?!

We went to the greatest Halloween party ever that night. Great food, crafts and movies for the kids, a huge fire pit, and the greatest treats! Thank you so much to the Meadows and the Duravics!

After partying and trick or treating Abby was BEAT!

And of course Charlie was still pleasant!

And this is the day after when Charlie got a hold of a package of M&M's

Just like his mom, he is a huge chocolate fan!!!